5 Rules Of The Book To Remember While Talking To Your Dog

Time and again scientists have ascertained the fact that dogs are supposedly one of the most intelligent animals on the earth. In today’s era, people looking for companionship and love want to adopt a dog for the same. However, what they do not understand is that any dog needs proper attention and care to adapt to any surroundings. Constant interaction with your furry friend frames his character in the future. To help we bring 5 rules of the book that you should remember while talking to your dog.

1. The tone is the most crucial

The kind of tone that you use while instructing your pet is crucial for you to be able to guide him in behaving in the right manner.  You will have to make sure that he understands in what tone you are trying to convey your message to him. One is the threatening tone which should be avoided in most situations.  Generally, in comparison to men, their female counterparts tend to become shrill when it comes to the choice of tone to be used. On the other hand, men opt for a low menacing tone which dogs prefer hence making them better trainers.

Taking with Dog

2.  Clear conditions

You have to be clear in your requirements and the way you want your dog to respond in a particular situation. For example, on a walk, if he decides to tread off the regular path you have to sound a strict no and call him back. If he comes back make sure that you give him a reward for obeying his instructions. Next time he notices that you are again stopping him from doing something he will take it as a warning assuming that obedience would be rewarded in the end.

3. Respond at the correct time

The reaction that you give to him must be timely and appropriate. This means that if you see him reacting in a manner that is inappropriate ask him to stop immediately. However, it could also be possible that he is doing so because there are other dogs around and he is trying to emulate them. In that case, maintain a low profile and reprimand him only he comes back after all the excitement.

4. Never use methods which humiliate him

Training your dog to obey you is the best way to communicate but never use any humiliating methods to do so. It is quite obvious that you turn to the internet for suggestions on training your pet. But, not all methods are conducive to maintain a positive relationship and hence it is better if you use your own discretion to handle things.

5. Analyze your dog’s behavior

Try and pay as much attention as you can to how your dog responds in any situation. This can be very useful when it comes to future interactions you plan to have with him. In case you notice any problems in his behavior still understand that he is an individual and his feelings also need to be respected.

Your dog needs as much care as your child. Ignoring his basic needs will only work to complicate matters and make them worse. To enjoy his company spends as much time with him as you can and interact and talk to him on a regular basis. The above rules would surely help you break the ice and start a cordial relationship.