About Us

Ohmypetz.com is a website intended on uploading content related to pets and to review the best pet products like toys, accessories and food.

We try our best to donate an amount of our income to pet-related organizations – rescue shelters and clinics that rely on funding to operate.

Our team is passionate about raising dogs and cats and have immense experience on handling them. We post science based articles with a good dose of personal experiences in the mix on pet behavior, care and first aid along with other fun engaging content such as trivia, quizzes and amusing jokes at our pet’s expense, not sure if they will be too happy about it but you shall definitely enjoy them.

Our aim is to help build bonding between our furry little friends (as well as furless species, no discrimination here we promise) of canines/felines and Homo Sapiens through our posts and media which include emotionally touching pictures and video clips of our pets and others across the world living it up with their personal quirks and shenanigans.

We are spreading awareness of animal abuse as well by sharing any local and international news on such barbaric practices to expose the people involved to the pet owner’s community. Actions need to be taken as well to stop this cruelty just shaming does no good and therefore we urge everyone to take an active stand.