Bulldog Breed

A small size dog this breed was initially mixed so that they could work with bulls. From the 1200’s to the 18th century this breed was trained to fight with bulls as part of sports. Considered to be one of the most ferocious breeds earlier the continuous breeding has led it to become docile and polite. Now a bulldog’s loving nature makes it a preferred choice for many families.


The Bulldogs were first bred between a pug and a mastiff. Their initial purpose was to be used as a fighter against the bull. After this bull baiting was abolished in 1835 this breed got a new identity. Those who were fond of this breed ensured that it did not fade and mixed them with those of a docile nature to create a new breed which is extremely popular among pet owners these days.


With a heavy body the bulldog has broad shoulders and thus its center of gravity is quite low which makes this breed walk quite close to the ground. The circumference of the head is huge and it matches the height of the dog. The jaw is wide and muscles well developed to ensure that they were able to hang on to the bull during the fight. Coat of this breed is glossy and shining and can be found in colors like red, white, yellow or a mixture of any of these colors.


Though initially an aggressive breed, the bulldog maintained a reserved demeanor outside the fight ring.  Over a period of time, the Bulldog became famous for its obedient and loyal nature. Ready to please its master sometimes the Bulldog may become stubborn and having a mind of its own. Mostly the Bulldogs are quite friendly with kids and hence make for awesome pets. They are not hostile to strangers at most they would maintain an indifferent attitude to them.

Taking care

Many bulldogs have a habit of drooling because of their short snouts and that is why dental care is of utmost importance. If you develop a habit if brushing teeth early on your bulldog would get used to it and support you earnestly. The breed’s coat does not need much care but the folds near his face need to be checked daily for any dust accumulation. Though bulldogs love outings hot and humid climate bothers them and if taking him out ensure that he drinks water regularly.

Health ailments

The average lifespan for a bulldog ranges from 8 to 12 years.  Its physical characteristics are such that it can easily fall prey to diseases of the eyes, nose, and the respiratory system. This breed is unable to tolerate heat hence they can also get affected by heat stroke easily. Apart from this cherry eye, entropion, elbow dysplasia, and demodicosis are some other diseases that can bother him.


Bulldogs are devoted to their masters however they still need the training to be able to have a good start with you. They love to play tug of war and chewing toys. Nut, you will have to tell him in advance that when you ask him he has to throw the toy out. Also, train him that he should allow others to touch his food bowl as he can become protective about that.