Chihuahua Dog

The Chihuahua breed was first discovered in Mexico and it is famous for being the smallest dog breed available. Considered to be one of the very loyal breeds the Chihuahua is quite popular in the USA thanks to its appearance and size.


Some people say the Chihuahua was bred in China and then brought to America and then mixed with native dogs there. However, there are others who believe that these have originated from a native South and Central American region and were earlier used for sacrificial purposes. Though this breed had nearly become extinct in 1850 three dogs were found in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, hence this name. In the early 1900’s Xavier Cugat appeared in his films with a Chihuahua and that when this breed became popular.


It is the Chihuahua’s coat which is apparently quite attractive. The coat can be long with soft, straight hair or wavy along with fringed ears. The body of this breed is small but compared to its height the length looks longer. The appearance and expressions of a Chihuahua resemble that of a terrier. This breed can be found in multiple shades ranging from black to white or with spots.

Nature of the breed

Chihuahua Dog taking bath

The temperament of the Chihuahua can vary as per the situation. Though it is reserved whenever he comes in contact with a stranger he might be extremely friendly with other pets and members in the family. They try to act like protectors but their only way to do so is by barking and moreover considering its size this breed does not do well as a guard dog. However, the loyalty of a Chihuahua is remarkable and this has led to an increase in its popularity.

Taking care

The Chihuahua does not like to spend time outdoors so you would find him spending a lot of his time inside the house. Moreover, this breed is not comfortable with cold temperatures though it survives well in warm weather. The Chihuahua with smooth coat does not require much care from your side. However, those with a long coat will have to be brushed at least once or twice a week. Though his exercise needs can be met while jumping around in the home too you should take him out for small distance walks.

Health and ailments

The Chihuahua has a long life span ranging from between 14 to 18 years. During this time this breed can suffer from ailments like Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, Hypoglycemia, pulmonic stenosis, hydrocephalus, and patellar luxation. There are some major health issues which can bother a Chihuahua. This includes molera which is a hole in its skull caused when bones in the fontanel are not quite close to each other.

Training the breed

Highly alert dog the Chihuahua’s intelligence is remarkable. Very eager to please his master he responds quickly to any instructions given. This breed also knows that they are very cute and hence they try their best to get people to follow their wishes. Therefore it is necessary that the master has an upper hand with them. Teach them obedience training and show them that you are the master as and when required.