French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a cute companion dog and its endearing nature never fails to impress the people around him. It is small yet muscular has ‘bat ears’ and is endowed with an extremely smooth coat. Also known as a Frenchie this breed remains alert at all time and that shows on its face too.


One of the very popular dogs of England the French bulldog was common in the Nottingham area in the 1800s. Since they were mostly lightweight workers took them to France in the mid- 19th century. The breed with pointed years was loved by the women of the upper class and they became quite famous. Later Americans who visited France took some dogs of this breed back to their country and by the year 1913, it became a favorite of the American nobility too.


The distinguishing feature of a French bulldog is its free walk which is complemented by a good reach and drive. This breed has ears like that of a bat which makes them look as if they are quite aware of what is going around them. The skin around its shoulders is loose and has wrinkles which give it a cozy feeling. Mostly the French bulldog is characterized by a wide body, square head, muscular build, and a short yet very smooth coat. The French Bulldog's coat can be found on varied colors like fawn, white, black and brindle.

Nature and temperament

The French bulldog is a sweet and loving dog who would go to any extent to please its master. Acting as a lap dog the French bulldog is prone to entertaining and playing with the family members. Moreover, this little pet does not mind cuddling with you on the sofa thus adding up to the fun of having him around.

Taking care

The Frenchie is a fun loving dog and does not mind staying outdoors. Even though the requirement for regular exercise is less still it is his nature which makes him fond of playing. However, the concern here is that the French bulldog is not suited for hot and humid weathers. You can take him out for a short walk but that should be just about it. Any more stay outdoors can cause issues later. The coat of a Frenchie does not require much care but you might have to tend to the wrinkles he has.


In normal situations, a French bulldog can get afflicted with diseases like intervertebral disk disease, allergies, canine hip dysplasia, and hemivertebra. With an average span of 9-11 years this breed is sensitive to anesthesia and heat and usually, their birth process involves a C section.


French bulldog needs early socialization training to ensure that they are comfortable with having people around them. Not only that such type of training also teaches them about good behavior and guides the owner into figuring out right and wrong habits. A French bulldog needs a decent amount of training to make them adjust. However, since they are so good at pleasing people training them is not a difficult task. They may be stubborn but if you use the correct motivational tools it would be easy for you to make them work according to your plans.