Golden Retriever

Considered to be one of the most adventurous breeds of dogs the Golden Retriever dog was bred to be a hunting companion. Extremely loyal, affectionate and obedient the Golden Retriever dog  is the kind of pet who would be loved by the entire family.


In the mid- 19th Century Lord Tweedmouth had bred the Golden Retriever breed. Prior to this, there were many retriever breeds but he needed one which could match to the physical surroundings of the area. The breed he created was shifted to the USA in the early 1900s and finally, in 1912 it was given the name Golden Retriever and since then its popularity has not diminished.

Looks and features

The Golden Retriever Dog’s height is less in comparison to its overall length. It has an athletic build which is complemented by well build hind and forequarters. This grants the breed a walk that is powerful and a pleasure to watch. The Golden Retriever is endowed with a broad head and a strong neck. The coat of a Golden Retriever is golden in color, is quite dense and waterproof, and could be straight or wavy.

Nature and personality

The Golden Retriever is very playful in nature so when around he would never let you feel bored. It loves the time that you spend playing catch with him because the retrieving is what he is so good at. However, that does not mean that you have to keep your out all the time. As much as they enjoy the outdoors they are in love with the indoors too.

The Golden Retriever loves companionship and would prove to be a great company to his family members. Its obedience is difficult to match hence it is also very easy to train him. The Golden Retriever has a knack for picking new things up very quickly and thus it is enjoyable to just spend time with him.

Taking care

So that they do not keep shedding hair all over the house it is recommended that you brush its coat at least twice in a week. It is also suggested that you keep the activity level of the Golden Retriever high. The dog needs to spend its energy and not playing around is something that he does not like to do.

Health Troubles

An average Golden Retriever has a lifespan of 10-13 years. In between, it could be affected by ailments like hypothyroidism, eye disorders, mast cell tumors, subaortic stenosis, and seizures. Some other causes of concern are Osteosarcoma, lymphoma, canine hip dysplasia, and skin problems. Visit a Vet if you see your Golden Retriever facing any problems and he might suggest a heart, hip, thyroid, eye and elbow test for the same.


Just like other breeds the Golden Retriever also needs early socialization training. From the age of seven weeks to four months if you expose him to various types of people, situation, and surroundings he would be able to adjust well. Obedience training would strengthen the bond he shares with you. For a Golden Retriever, it is very important that he keeps its master happy and that shows when you train him.